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Monday, July 14th, 2003

Subject:Quite possibly....
Time:6:51 pm.
Mood: excited.
the coolest band ever? We'll see......

Wow. So much potencial. So much greatness.
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Sunday, June 29th, 2003

Time:9:46 pm.
Mood: happy.
Last nite was soooo fun. I love my lil' college friends. I am gonna miss not being on good ol'd Brew 4 next year, but I can not wait to go back!
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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

Time:8:22 pm.
Mood:Ebay addicted.

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Subject:Nine Days/Brand New and a bit of other stuff
Time:11:58 am.
Mood: chipper.
Two bands that arent exactly my cup of tea, but I got on board for the acustic shows that WLIR 92.7 is gonna do every Monday nite, and decided to go. When I got there Alexis, Katherine, Matt, Lauren and Marrissa were already there. I sat down but then was sent to do some chores by Harlem (the dj for WLIR). Eventually some local guy was on. He wasnt very good. Too teen-angst emo for me. Then Nine Days and Brand New came, and since I was done with any work I needed to do there, I just chilled with them. Both bands are nice guys, and I was especially fond of Vinny from Brand New. The bands arent that great though, so I wasnt really into meeting and hanging with them. We ended up "hanging out" quite a bit. ;) When BN played it was a decent acustic set, but vocals (by Jesse) were too whiny. Nine Days was good in a very relaxed way. I dont feel like writing about this right now, so this will have to be enough.

Last nite I went to Book Review with Daddy and met Jim Davis. It was great, he is so nice. He is one of the first cartoonists I liked when I was very little. He is a big inspiration to me, so this was pretty cool.

This mornings radio show was really funny. Seriously, that was good radio- appealed to the audience, not alot of commercials, good music, funny guests. People were calling saying they had to pull over on the side of the road because they were laughing so hard. Brother Joe is wonderful.
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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

Subject:George Clinton & The P Funk Allstars
Time:12:19 pm.
Mood: geeky.
Sunday nite George Clinton & The P Funk Allstars played. Razelle was the opener. He's from The Roots. Hew did wierd beatboxing, which was cool because he could sing the melody, do they bass and the tempo at the same time. I dont really see how that's possible, but nonetheless, cool.

Then The P Funk Allstars came out. There are so many of them! There was about 25 on stage at one point. They just kept dancing and chillin' up there, and walking from one end of the stage to the other. It was so much choas up there. George Clinton looked amazing. He is really cute and jolly. They were a lot of fun, but I could tell they wanted to play for longer, but the Dome made the concert be done by 11. In all, a fun time. Very funkadelic. yucka yucka yucka
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Monday, April 28th, 2003

Subject:Earth Day Fest
Time:9:10 pm.
Mood: good.
So... On Saturday there was some sort of Earth Fest at Thorton Park. I walked over and it was beautiful there. Another reason I love my school - at one end you over look an awesome city view, and the other you are by the park and would swear that there is nothing but trees and farmland for miles. It is amazing here. There was information about the environment and whatnot, but most importantly Hijack Jupiter was performing. They were awesome. Talked a bit more than I noticed they have been lately, which is cute because they are funny. They are breaking up this year so this may have been the last time I will ever see them. The show was nice, and the fest was adorable in general. I really like Thorton Park, and when it is filled with hippies it is even cuter.

I can't believe tomorow is my last day of classes. That sucks. I really dont wanna go home. I wanna stay here. wahh
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Sunday, April 13th, 2003

Subject:Indie 500
Time:6:54 pm.
Mood: amused.
So - To recap Friday nite. Erica was here, so we went with Stephanie, Natalie, Molly and Pammy to Planet 505 for an amazing line up of local bands. We walked there, and when we got in some people we knew were there: Adam, Mike, Dan, Aaron, Pete, Alex, Ham, Kris. Earls Garage went on first. I don't have much to say about them, they were just ok. Next up was The Audios. They were cute because they were either big time posers of bands like The Hives and The Vines, or they were the authentic before-it-was-posh real deal. Either way, I would have to say I enjoyed there set. The singer leaped up on the drums and grabbed the ceiling for balance and ended up pulling some of the paneling down. I feel like fiber glass fell all over him. It was funny.
Next up- Hijack Jupiter. This was, as predicted, my favorate band of the nite. I have seen them a bunch of times before and am always happy. I actually recently found out that they are breaking up. That sucks. Anyways, a happy and drum-strong set like usual.
The Spinto Band came on next. I never saw them before and heard great things about them, but honestly didn't like them as much as some of the people there seemed to. The definetly are talented musically, but I think it was wierd to place them in the middle of this really upbeat concert, considering thier music is a bit slower.

By this time I was getting tired, from having bopped around for so long. The Sorority came on and I was not as into them as I had been before when I saw them, so I sat down for them. The guys voice was a lil too high or something.
Last was Janet Drive. Me and Pam asked them to play "Punk Song" and they told us how they havent played it in so long that they would have to relearn it, but they would do that for their next show, and gave us free cds. Punk Song is actually a terrible song, but we play it on the Insomniacs so much (for comical reasons) that we thought it was necessary to ask for it.

Through out the show the WERWer's were passing around the Z89 shirt I got on Friday. Me and Pete and Alex put "SUCKS" in masking tape right below the Z89 logo on the back. It was funny. Let the rivalry grow, kids.

For now - I have much work to do. I must get crackin'.
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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003

Time:9:50 pm.
Mood: happy.

Wow, nice picture. Kueth is really black. I like it. :D

Our boys came home yesterday. Welcome back to your palace, champs!

Josh Pace - "All You Need Is A Little Pace-In" ....get it?
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003

Subject:We are the CHAMPIONS!
Time:6:22 pm.
My friends!

Wow. Watching a tv screen with over 11,000 people who all "understand" was beyond one of the best experiences of my life. In the world renown Carrier Dome to boot! The masses of orange looked like a wierd cult when we saluted our team and chanted with more enthusiasm than I have seen at any given Super Bowl.
We start the tip off, Forth gets it and makes a quick pass to MacNamara, who quickly passes to Warrik for a quick 2 pointer. The first half went over with a series of turn overs and easy baskets for the 'Cuse. Well- they looked easy. Carmelo pulled an amazing game as ALWAYS, but it was still not just his game. My boy Pace pulled out another excellent game showing the world what a good coach (Jummy-we love you) can do to a player in one season. Wow, one season gone. So sad. I want this sport day and nite! Gerry and Hakim- fucking awesome as usual. We looked like quite the smarties in the first half. Second half was a little rougher. Kansas managed to catch up after Carmello had a pretty evil looking foul on their hot shit player- Micheal Lee. The end of the game can not even be described. With a little over a minute left we were only up by 3 points, from a high of 16 point lead. Utter insanity. The feeling inside the Dome was so tense that I literally felt sick to my stomach. However, when Kansas went up for a 3 pointer Warrik blocked that shit and managed to take his sweet time as the clock went to zero. The craziness then became crazier. People were rushing the tvs on the field- so silly yet it made perfect sense. People were crying with joy and screaming and it was just all in orange. BEAUTIFUL.
After the game what seemed like about all 11,000 of us went to the narrow and already crowded Marshall Street where people were climbing trees, lighting things on fire, moshing and casuing general chaos. Even among the most dangerous of the riots people were still looking out for eachother because after - we all love Syracuse, we are all a whole. Chants for 'one more year' were louder than I ever heard them. (BTW- I really think he will stay another year). The cops were trying to control it, but it become out of their hands. Fire works and smoke bombs were being set off and people were ripping down parking meters, trees, street signs. It was wonderful because we were all happy. It doesn't seem possible for all the love of a school to be so sincere, but it really is. And of course it was also nice bc no one got hurt, even the stupidly drunk folks. I actually had a piece of a burnt shirt fall on my and I think I enhaled some wierd shit becuase I was coughing up black stuff when I got to the dorm, but it really didnt even matter. We were all still happy. Today my voice is gone and my throat feels like its on fire, but guess what- still happy. Fucking insanley amazing school.
After the riots, I went to Sammy were the party was great! I was there till almost 7am just dancing and enjoying the amazingness of going to a school that I love so much. When the dj put on "We Are The Champions" everyone just stopped what they were doing and started to put there arms up, while holding hands with everyone, and singing. It gave me goosebumps. I looked over at Pam and just said how amazing the day was and how I will always remember it forever, and especially that moment. Wow.

Today- noticed my left eye is getting red. I really hope it isnt the early sign of pink eye. That shit is sp nasty, if I wake up tomorow with oozy crusty eye syndrome I will be sad (but not for long, I will just put on my CHAMPIONSHIP tee shirt). I am hoping it is just from the fire on the tee shirt or smoke.


"We just came into the tournament and proved everybody wrong,'' Orangemen guard Josh Pace said. ''We have the best player in the country.'' [reguarding Carmelo Anthony, who was voted Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four and All American]
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Monday, March 3rd, 2003

Subject:He went and named me Sue
Time:1:30 pm.
Mood: curious.
Just listening to some Johnny Cash. He was this real bad ass. At least imo. I would love to see him in concert. I hate when people get old and sick.

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

Subject:Miss Fingerlakes
Time:2:20 pm.
Mood: giggly.
This past saturday was absolutly insane, so I thought I would describe it. My friend, Erin, entered this beauty pageant because it was free to enter and offered scholorship money to the winner. Me, Amanda, Natalie, and Andrea decided that we wanted to be good friends and go to East Corning (2 hours away; Andrea drove) where the show was. We get there with our signs, and Erin is already there and in the back practiceing her smile or whatnot. We sit down and look at the makeshift stage in this wierd confernce room. It was a small room in a town that looked like it was straight from the wild west. There were wierd beauty pageant girls frollicing around with thier mullet-headed fathers. It was so odd.

The shows starts with the former Miss Fingerlakes doing this insane interpretive dance using "the art of sign language". The women is UGLY, and looks like she is 40. http://www.missnewyorkstate.com/competition/images/LaurieJeanFanfarillo.jpg
Go there to see her. And trust me, that is a VERY flattering picture.
Anyway, this had to be the wierdest thing I have EVER been to. It was so trashy and upstate and I kept waiting for Jerry Springer to rush in.
Erin did well... but she wasn't all fake and wierd like the others, so she didnt place. It was definetly a funny experience.
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Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

Subject:Hijack Jupiter
Time:2:23 pm.
Mood: tired.
Well, last nite was another nite spent at Planet 505 to see Hijack Jupiter. Per usual they were energetic and fun. They seemed especially goofy tonite. Which, is amazing. Me and Pammy stuck around and she interviewed them for her TRF class, because she is doing a documentary on them. They talked forever.
We were in 80's attire, btw. I was wearing a Motley Crue "Too Fast For Love" shirt and straight leg black jeans. Pammy just had this wierd 80's jacket on. We were planning on going to this 80's party afterwards, but it got broken up because a drunken girl got hit by a car outside the party. Natalie (who was at the party) saw her body fling in the air and said it was surreal. That is scary. I can't imagine seeing that. Luckily, though, Natalie talked to some of her friends are said she is fine, just a broken ankle.

I just read an article about the Great White show in R.I. That is so horrible.
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Saturday, February 15th, 2003

Subject:Hijack Jupiter
Time:6:36 pm.
Mood: content.
Well, last nite after a fun evening of snowboarding, me and Pammy decided to go to the local Hijack Jupiter concert. Well, me, being a dumbass, forgot my ID, and we were stranded there. We had no ride home becuase Jordan and Molly dropped us off. We went to the pizza place next store, and to our surprise and LUCK, Mike and Wes walked in. We talked to them. Then Ham and Ted came in. Ham told us to try to get in the back, so we did, but to no avail. Then, Pam went in and luckily even more friends were inside (Kris, Nate, Tasha) and Kris let us borrow her car. Pam drove me back to BB, I got my ID, and then we went. After getting my ID we were both let in for free because of Ham and Ted. Hijack Jupiter was really fun, they are such cute guys.
Then Kris dropped me, Mike and Pammy off and we watched Moulin Rouge in my room , but had to stop half way, becuase it was about 430am and we were all sleepy.

Happy Valentines day.

Then today another AMAZING Syracuse basketball game in the Carrier Dome vs. Notre Damne. We beat them in the last second, then all the students rushed the court. 32,000 people there. The energy is greater at these college games them ANY pro sport game I have ever been to. It is imaginable. My dad came to the game vs BC and said it was the best event with the highest energy he has ever seen. Every game here reminds me more and more why I love this school so much.
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Friday, February 14th, 2003

Time:3:41 am.
Mood: weird.
I think I am a girl of routine. Every morning I say "I'll have a regular omelette with both kinds of cheese, peppers, onions and mushroom".

Every single meal at school I have both a grapefruit and a glass of the unidentified red drink.

I read and write (even if for only a tiny bit) each nite after I brush my teeth and before I go to bed.

I started watching Moulin Rouge, and because of it's greatness I started watching it practically daily.

Ebay is the newest addiction. I am currently bidding on 4 things, and have won 2.
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Thursday, February 13th, 2003

Time:10:45 pm.
Mood: artistic.
So, due to lack of concerts in the general Syracuse area, I resorted to going to a Seether, Rah and Socialburn concert with Deirdre and Nat. I must say, the show was well needed. It had a decent pit and good energy. Not the best music- typical modern rock- but nonetheless entertainable and enjoyable. We met the boys (got a signed guitar pick), and they were extremally nice and chatty. Even had really nice South African accents. They seemed to like us more than we liked them, which is sorta odd...

PS... Ebay is amazing.
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Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

Subject:My anus is bleeding....
Time:8:26 pm.
Mood: excited.

Which Rejected Character Are You?
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Saturday, February 1st, 2003

Subject:Darrell Hammond!
Time:1:10 pm.
Mood: energetic.
Last nite was amazing. Darrell Hammond came here. He came on at 9pm, but me, Deirdre and Natalie felt the need to be there at 7. We waited for 2 hours. We got amazing center second row seats( bc people were actually there waiting when we got there). When Darrell came on, he looked wasted. It was amazing. The whole nite he did awesome impressions, having Sean Connery and Al Gore being my favorite. He was so damn funny. I went to take a picture, and got freaked out because he made wierd eye contact with me, so I handed the camera to Natalie. She took it. Then he stopped a lil later, and looked at me and said "You can take pictures, just go ahead." So, instead of just taking a picture, I ran up to him, embraced his leg and got a picture with him. I whispered "I love you" in his ear. It was really funny. Damn, he was funny.
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Thursday, January 23rd, 2003

Time:4:25 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
This semester seems very promising. I got into every class, even with the times I wanted.

8am-1pm - Drawing
4:30-5:40 - Issues In Art (Lecture)
6:00-7:20 - Writing

11am-11:55 - Yoga
7pm-10pm - History of Illustration

8am-1pm - 2D Design
3-3:50 - Issues In Art (Disscussion)
4:30-5:40 - Issues In Art (Lecture)
6:00-7:20 - Writing

1pm-6pm - 3D Design

and none on Friday! Awesome schedule. 19 credits (normal is 15), but it is managable.

The INSOMNIACS are on at 11pm-1am on Wednesday nites. Snowboarding club is Friday nite from 5-10. This school friggin rocks. Everything seems to be happening awesomelly. The Insom's even help with local music for the concert commitee and WERW, so we get in for free and get privaledges. Awesomeness!

I am thinking majors. Illustration and sculpture seem cool. However, with those it is either all drawing, or all sculpture. I love both. So to combine I am think Industrial Design, even though that is a really rough department. It is also a 5 year program which means I could stay at this amazingness a lil longer.

BTW, the temperature is 5 degrees, and last nite was -20 with wind chill (when we were walking 15 minutes to the radio station). It snows everyday and the wind is strong enough to blow over empty garbage cans. I love this school :D
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Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

Subject:Back At SU
Time:7:46 pm.
Mood: calm.
Feels good to be back at SU, although I must admit being home was surprisingly enjoyable. Classes seem to be good. I made a scene when getting kicked out of my music industry class, but other than that, all is good. My birthday was enjoyable. Alexis, Sandra and Heather got me a cake, and Pam and NAt (and others) got me somethign and made a big card. I got calls from the triad. Pretty dull day, but that was how I wanted it to be. I am not a fan of birthdays, and will probally deny my age. I will say I am 18 or 17 depending on my mood. Sucks to be old and farty.

I have a WERW meeting tonite. That should be fun.
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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003

Time:1:54 am.
Mood: satisfied.
Good today-

Woke up late (around 1:30) and realized there was a massive package awaiting me in the kitchen. I looked and realized who it was from-Jo. This is a random 30ish woman I met at a Tommy Lee concert. We were both waiting for about 2 hours to see Tommy Lee (Because we both love him) and eventually started talking about his greatness and whatnot. She had seen Motley perform when they were together. She didn't have a camera, and when we got to meet Tommy she wanted a picture, so I offered to take one for her and send it to her. Well, this was back in the summer and I only just sent her the pictures a lil after Christmas. So, in return, as a 'thanks' she sent me this balloon that had a really nice teddy bear and christmas ornament inside of it, and a really nice thank you card. I really don't know this person, and it was just a really nice gesture.
Then I go to the computer and realize that the 20 questions are with Dee Snider. AMAZING. Can't wait to see Twisted Sister this summer.
Then my mom suggested we take a train to the city to see a show- of course I say yes. We ended up seeing Throughly Modern Millie at 3rd row. The show was awesome. It wasn't a corny and traditional show (although I love those), but rather a really witty and clever play. The humor was almost tongue and cheek, and a bit of a satire. The star of the show, Sutton Foster, was just awesome, and I can see why she won the Tony. We ate at Planet Hollywood.

When I got home, I put Conan O'Brien on and realized one of his guests was Mike Lupica. He is probally my favorite fictional author and an awesome speaker, so that was joyous. Things just worked out well today.
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